Our Services

Black Circle Studio would love to present a standard pricelist, but your company and your brand is anything but Standard.  As a result, every client we accept has a specific specialized set of needs, that may range from basic implimentation of a preestablished shoot, to a full on development of the concept, branding, pre and post production, including, but not limited too, creative ideas, set design, location procurement, propping, model casting, H/MU, styling, cinematography/photography, post production editing, retouching, color grading, sound design, ad placement to web development and e-commerce site building.  As you can imagine, your business may or may not need all of these services, so we discuss your specific needs and budgeting to determine how best to serve you for a competetive price that more than pays for itself in sales returns.

Feel free to contact us and set up an initial consultation to find what best works for you.